A Preview Of The iCoinPro Landing Pages

One of the best things you get as a member of iCoinPro are the pre-made, ready-to-go landing pages. All part of the turn-key marketing system which includes a contact manager and autoresponder system.

Ideal for the new marketer

If you don’t already have a landing page and autoresponder (or simply can’t afford the extra tools yet), then the iCoinPro landing pages are ideal for getting started fast. You can take your links and immediately start sharing and promoting them.

At the moment, iCoinPro has 4 distinct landing pages to choose from. Plus 1 with an option that leads directly to the order page.

Let’s review…

You can click on each photo to be taken to my landing pages for a full screen example.

1. Main Company Website

Almost all network marketing companies provide you with a basic main site with your affiliate id attached. iCoinPro is no different in this respect. These pages are best used with your warm prospects and people you know personally. It does not capture a leads’ email if they visit this site for the first time.

2. Landing Pages to Pre-Enroll Prospects

These pages are best used for linking in your website, along with your advertising, facebook, and twitter campaigns. They are designed to pique your visitors interest enough so that they fill out their name and email for more information. Upon submission the prospect will be given a pre-enrollee position so that they can explore the system.

A. The first is called ‘Discover iCoinPro’ and is the best performing of the opt-in pages. This is the one to lead with.

B. The second is called ‘iCoinPro Success’ and is essentially the same as above, but without the video. Best used as a second look. Or, if your prospect came as a phone lead, send them this link.

C. The third is called ‘iCoinPro Hangout’. This landing page shows a recording of the most recent Wednesday night opportunity webinar, and this is updated like clockwork every week. Clicking on the ‘Secure your free position now!’ button will take your prospect to the ‘Discover iCoinPro’ opt-in page.

As an added bonus, the Wednesday night webinar is hosted live on this same link. Easy to invite prospects to watch. I send this in a follow up email to my list every week.

3. Landing Pages that Go Direct to the Order Page

The final landing page provided by iCoinpro as part of the turn-key system is a modification of the ‘Hangout’ page. When the prospect clicks on the ‘Click here to get instant access!’ button, they will immediately be taken to the order page. Also great to send as a follow-up.

To see a sample of the iCoinPro order page, please follow the above step.

It’s important to note that every prospect that opts-in is yours exclusively! Their details will be available in your back office contact manager. You can download and import these contacts into any autoresponder or CRM software that you currently use.

Basically, when you join iCoinPro, you are given exactly what you need to begin promoting your business right away.

Now it’s just a matter of getting traffic to your websites…:)
Stay tuned for more…

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Or send me a personal message.

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