A Quick Overview Of The iCoinPro Compensation Plan

In addition to the world class Bitcoin training and education, iCoinPro offers a simple, yet profitable compensation plan for members who share the opportunity with others. It is important to carefully review and understand before beginning as an affiliate.

As a membership site with a cost of only $40 per month, iCoinPro provides a low entry barrier for many people seeking a new opportunity. You are also given the tools needed to begin promoting, and profiting, immediately!

iCoinPro provides you:

  •  A complete Bitcoin education, from beginner to advanced, along with advanced cryptocurrency training designed to provide you the tools to profit from exchange trading.
  •  A turn-key marketing system complete with landing pages to send your visitor to, an autoresponder system to follow up with your opt-ins, and a contact manager so that you have full control over your leads.
  •  A simple, easy to understand, compensation plan with a unique matrix spillover which allows you to benefit from the efforts of your upline leadership.

How to profit

The iCoinPro compensation plan is broken down into 5 distinct parts and is based on how many customer and affiliate memberships you enroll.

1. Powerline Bonus. From the very start, every person who has ever joined iCoinPro has been place one underneath another in what is called a powerline. It is more of a thank you for joining rather than your path to fortune. It pays 3% thru 5 levels. This is a guaranteed monthly income of $6.

2. Fast Start Bonus. Each time someone enrolls as a member with iCoinPro, a Fast Start bonus is paid on the first order to the enroller, and upline, based on rank qualifications. This is a one-time bonus.

3. Coded Infinity Fast Start Bonus. As you move thru the iCoinPro compensation plan and achieve higher ranks, you can qualify to receive additional Fast Start bonuses based on your entire organization, and thru several generations of the same rank.

4. 2 x 14 Matrix Bonus. This is where the long-term money comes from. You will earn a small percentage of the monthly membership on each person within your organization. Plus…you can earn based on the efforts of your upline leadership because of spillover!

How spillover works

Each time you enroll a new iCoinPro customer or affiliate they are placed within your matrix. However, you can only ever have two personal positions, and every member you enroll can also only have two personal positions.

When you enroll more than two members, this is when the power of spillover begins to take effect. The new enrollee will automatically be placed within your matrix underneath one of the first two members. This will profit both you AND your personal members as they are now benefiting from your efforts, helping to keep them active and motivated.

And this continues thru infinite levels!

Keep in mind that you can also benefit from your upline’s organization as it grows and spillover happens within your matrix. This can often have a multiplying effect on the growth of your business.

5. Matching Cheque Bonus. As a reward for demonstrating leadership and working with your new affiliates, the iCoinPro compensation plan pays you a percentage of their matrix earnings. Additionally, as you work with leaders within your organization, a matching bonus will be paid thru multiple generations of affiliates.

Becoming a leader

iCoinpro has levels of recognition for those who get results and provide leadership to the community. Your rank qualification advances you thru the compensation plan and is based on the number of members within your organization.

1 Star – Have 3 personally enrolled and active members within the current month. This is the minimum requirement for all ranks.

2 Star – Have 20 active members in your group with no more than 40% coming from any one leg.

3 Star – 100 active members in your group with no more than 40% coming from any one leg.

Star Elite – 500 active members/40% rule applies.

Star Presidential – 5000 active members/40% rule applies.

I hope this brief overview of the iCoinPro compensation plan has been helpful. I encourage you to look further by taking a back office tour.

Also, if you have any further question or comments, please leave them below. You can also contact me here.

All the best to your success!

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