Why I Stepped Away From iCoinPro

Bitcoin Blue Coin

Bitcoin has been an important part of my life for several years now. From the early development years, thru the mining rush, and into mainstream acceptance…I’ve been around a while. At the moment, I’ve settled into a comfortable buy and hold approach to Bitcoin. Preferring instead to take a pass on any rampant speculation. I’m … [Read more…]

A Quick Overview Of The iCoinPro Compensation Plan


In addition to the world class Bitcoin training and education, iCoinPro offers a simple, yet profitable compensation plan for members who share the opportunity with others. It is important to carefully review and understand before beginning as an affiliate. As a membership site with a cost of only $40 per month, iCoinPro provides a low … [Read more…]

Bitcoin Advertising 101: Mellow Ads

Mellow Ads

Mellow Ads is one of the top Bitcoin ad networks that I use to drive traffic to my iCoinPro landing pages. It is certainly one of the oldest and longest lasting Bitcoin ad networks around, and one of the most trusted. It’s important to note that at the moment, Mellow Ads is best used for … [Read more…]

A Preview Of The iCoinPro Landing Pages

iCoinPro Main Page

One of the best things you get as a member of iCoinPro are the pre-made, ready-to-go landing pages. All part of the turn-key marketing system which includes a contact manager and autoresponder system. Ideal for the new marketer If you don’t already have a landing page and autoresponder (or simply can’t afford the extra tools … [Read more…]

Why I Joined iCoinPro

iCoinPro Training

In a previous article, I briefly touched on how I got involved with iCoinPro because of a business partner’s success with the company. But if I already have a regular Bitcoin investment strategy, along with years of being an experienced user…then why join? 2 Major Reasons 1. iCoinPro is an excellent introduction to the technology, … [Read more…]

What Is iCoinPro?

iCoinPro Micro Profit System

iCoinPro claims to be a Bitcoin training platform. Designed to educate both newbies and experienced users in the art of trading cryptocurrencies and investing in Bitcoin. As an experienced Bitcoin user for several years, I was at first not interested when iCoinPro first launched in May 2017. It all seemed too simplistic and trading just … [Read more…]