CTFO Product Overview And CBD Dosing

FAQ Hemp CBD Dosing

Inside every shipment of CBD Oil from Changing The Future Outcome there is the following product overview and dosing recommendations. Showing a high regard for their products, CTFO also promotes responsible dosing standards which are well aligned with current medical research. CTFO CBD Oil Instructions (300mg, 500mg, 750mg, 1500mg) CTFO CBD Oil drops are made … [Read more…]

Understanding The CTFO Compensation Plan

CTFO Money

Nearly every network marketing company promotes their compensation plan as the best within the industry. Often calling it ‘revolutionary’ or ‘game changing’ in order to attract attention. Very few, however, ofer a plan for profit without having to build an organization in the thousands. Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO) is looking to change the landscape. … [Read more…]

The CTFO Autoship: That Was Easy

CTFO Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Like most network marketing companies, Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO) also offers an autoship program to it’s customers and affiliates. Unlike most networking marketing companies, CTFO does not require it’s affiliates to place a personal autoship in order to participate in the compensation plan (but it does help). Additionally, as a small thank you, CTFO … [Read more…]

What Is CTFO?


Changing The Future Outcome, better known as CTFO, is the latest CBD oil company on the block which utilizes the power of network marketing as it’s distribution model. This puts it in competition with big players such as Kannaway and Hempworx, but has several unique qualities which sets it apart from the pack. Based in … [Read more…]