The Trouble With Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchange

I must admit to a healthy facination with traffic exchanges for over a decade now. They got me my start in online marketing, and have learned to appreciate their services. But there is one big elephant in the room: Do traffic exchanges still work? This is the most frequently asked question about these platforms. And … [Read more…]

My First Month With IBO Toolbox

Quality Content

When I first came to IBO Toolbox, my intention was not to recruit as many people as possible from the platform into my business…at least, at the beginning. My goal was to build and develop my personal brand as part of a long term strategy to grow traffic to this website. (Read more about my … [Read more…]

A Concern For Affiliates About Mailchimp?

Question Mark

It’s well understood that a private company can do as they please when it comes to the decisions they make about how they operate. They can cater to any niche they desire. After all, that is part of the essence of free enterprise. Problems arise, though, when private companies make decisions on what customers to … [Read more…]

My First Week With IBO Toolbox

IBO Toolbox

As part of a new marketing strategy for this new website, I decided to join a long-standing social network dedicated to independent business owners: IBO Toolbox. Essentially, IBO Toolbox offers a community of business owners to share information, offer support, and network amongst each other. Additionally, IBO Toolbox provides important marketing tools such as a … [Read more…]