Getting Started With CTFO

What Next?After becoming a member with Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO), the most common question is “What do I do next?” Outlined below are the exact four steps that will have your business up and running in no time.

These can be completed on the first day!

Focus on the basics and you’ll be well on your way to creating a lifetime of residual income.

1. Order CTFO Products

  • Quality is important. CTFO offers the highest quality products; you’ll want to experience their amazing benefits.
  • Being a “product of the product” is one of the most important things you should do when building a successful business. You’ll have your own personal testimony to share with others and you’ll be living proof that the products truly work!

Check out the beautiful Online Catalog

  • CTFO offers the highest quality, purest CBD Hemp Products at the absolute most affordable
  • Made in the USA, no heat processing, Non-GMO, CO2 extracted using only Organic Ingredients.
  • Combination of both the CBD Isolate along with the Full Spectrum Whole Plant Hemp Oil.

CTFO StoreAll 24 CBD Product Labels are located on the drop down menu under the Products tab on your website. These labels show the full ingredient list for each and every product.

How to Order:

  • After signing up as an associate, log into your back office.
  • Click “Order and Enroll”
  • Click “Place Order Now.” If you’d like to receive a 5% discount, select “Manage Auto Ship.”

2. Educate Yourself

In your back office, there is a section called “FAQs” which includes some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. It is located under the Tools/Marketing tab. There is also a Quick Link to the Online Library on the Home Page. This section includes tons of information about CTFO, our products, our compensation plan, and more!

It’s important that you read all the documentation.

3. Educate Others

Learning BooksShare your Free Sign Up Page. Place this website on your social media sites and send it in an email to everyone you know. Your Free Sign Up Page web address will be: (replace YourUserName with the one you used at signup.)

This site was created to help you expand your database rapidly. It allows prospects to join your for FREE. It doesn’t even ask for payment information. Use this site to expand your team.

This will help you spread the word and get others within your organization to do the same. Once they’re enrolled, they’ll be able to see for themselves all that CTFO has to offer!

You can also share your Free Marketing Website. This site has all of our products, compensation plan information, company information and more! Your Free Marketing Website address will be:

4. Get Familiar with the Compensation Plan

View the Compensation Plan Chart (click image to download):

CTFO Pay Plan Chart

Review the Compensation Plan Overview (click image to download):

CTFO Pay Plan

Watch the Compensation Plan Video:

I look forward to Changing The Future Outcome with you! Feel free to leave a comment or question below. Or reach out and send me a message.

To your health and success,

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