Good News For Canadian CTFO Associates

Canada FlagIf you did not have the chance to listen to this week’s CTFO traning call, you still have time! There was an important announcement made for our Canadian Associates that you need to hear!

You can listen to the recording here:

Dial: (319) 527-2872 Access Code: 374583# Call Reference Number: 61#

Our Associates Matter

You’ve heard us say we are a family at CTFO and here’s how we’re going to help our Canadian family members and everyone!

  • We’re going to do a “Rank Override” for Canadians and any States that may have a temporary challenge with CBD. Currently Nebraska, Michigan and maybe NOT Kansas as of yesterday!

When you’re doing the right thing they can’t keep you out for long!

In other words you’ll be qualified for the “Highest Rank” you have achieved until things are resolved in Canada or whatever State might be affected from time to time.

It will be as easy as calling Associate Services from 9am-5pm PACIFIC TIME Monday-Friday at 707-449-4567. They will verify the Rank you have achieved and it will be maintained automatically until we’re back in Canada or any U.S. State with CBD challenges.

Of course you’ll still need to do one of the normal monthly requirements which are among the lowest in the industry if not THE lowest. What a great time to try Super7 or one of our other amazing non-CBD products

Use caution when dealing with companies that sell CBD. If they are selling CBD in Canada, they are doing it illegally and putting their associates at SERIOUS RISK. They do not have a Certificate from Health Canada.

We are working with Health Canada so when we have the green light will be there ASAP doing things the right away.

A Workaround?

CTFO StoreHas anyone ever use a reship service company?

A few people have asked me about this type of service. Basically, those who live outside the USA simply enter the reship address in the “shipping address” section of their back CTFO back office. Then the reship company mails to anywhere in the world.

Following are a few reship services that people were asking about. If you had experience with any of these, please let me know.


Disclaimer: CTFO and I are NOT endorsing this.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

To your health and happiness,

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