My First Month With IBO Toolbox

IBO ToolboxWhen I first came to IBO Toolbox, my intention was not to recruit as many people as possible from the platform into my business…at least, at the beginning. My goal was to build and develop my personal brand as part of a long term strategy to grow traffic to this website. (Read more about my first week with IBO.)

The results, though, have far exceeded expectations.

  • Half of the new members into my CTFO business have come from the IBO Toolbox platform.
  • My website has received thousands of hits, and recently received it’s first few comments.
  • I am now getting organic search result clicks to on a daily basis because of all the activity.
  • Most importantly, I have learned an incredible amount from the supportive members at IBO. I will hold this knowledge for years to come.

And this is just after one month! It’s only the beginning!

Activity is they first key

This is the most important part if your going to get anywhere on the IBO platform. Activity cannot be overemphasized enough! There is a handly little tool, called OnTrack, that keeps track of how much you have contributed to the community.

Here are the rules:

  1. Ibotoolbox OntrackReceive a star for completing sections 1-3 of your profile.
  2. Receive a star for publishing a press release within the last 48 hours.
  3. Receive a star for engaging and posting on the wall within the last 24 hours.
  4. Receive a star for getting a referral to IBOtoolbox within the last 5 days.
  5. Receive a star for running advertising within the last 48 hours.
  6. Receive a star for commenting on other members press releases and videos within the last 24 hours.

Make it a goal to achieve, and maintain, as many stars as possible. This will give you credibility within the IBO community as an engaged and active member.

I personally made it a goal to contribute ALOT more than the minimums. This attracts attention, and the results have paid dividends as previously mentioned.

Quality content is the second key

You don’t have to be a good writer to gain traction on IBO Toolbox. In fact, being too good may intimidate others. Better to be your natural self – it’s far more relatable. The only thing you have to do is be consistent about it with regular press releases – just like blogging. Offer quality information that others might find useful or educational.

Tip #1 – After publishing a post on your website, also post it as a ‘non-authentic’ PR on IBO. This can give you traffic to your site and valuable backlinks for SEO.

Quality ContentOne important area which you should take as much care with as you would a press release…are the comments you leave on other people’s posts. Quality, supportive comments will get you farther than anything else. They should be genuine and without any thought of self promotion. In other words:

Help others – karma has a way of coming back around!

Lastly, why invest all this time giving away your knowledge and your support? Simply put: views to your profile. This is your biggest ‘sales’ tool. Your profile page is where the magic happens and should be invested in heavily.

Remember…once you post content, it’s out there. The more you publish, the better the chance your information will be found. This inevitably brings views to your profile, because people WILL want to check you out!

And keep in mind…the more profiles view you have, the better the chances of making the IBO traffic leaders board. I consistently get over 1000 views a day now, and often flirt with the leaderboard throughout the day. Make it a goal to do the same.

Tip #2 – When publishing a PR, be sure to use the ‘More Info’ option to link back to your profile instead of directly sending them to your opportunity page. Let your profile do the selling.

What I’ve learned so far

Learning BooksThings have changed so quickly from when I first started with IBO Toolbox…just trying to figure things out. Fortunately, the training and support provided by the members have made it a whole lot easier. Here are a few notes I’ve taken away:

  • You can ask anything. There are no stupid questions. Members are amazingly supportive. No one is looked down upon because of their lack of experience.
  • Advertising is not to designed to sell your product, but to build your brand. Much like TV ads, it’s going to take multiple exposures for any effect. Let them remember you!
  • You will only recruit or make sales if your not intentionally looking to recruit or make sales. Again, offer quality information and support. Let them come to you.

Let’s keep going!

Overall, the results from my first month with IBO Toolbox have far surpassed any expectations. I have had to go back and adjust my business plan!

Obviously, I can’t recommend it enough! However, you WILL have to work hard at it. Don’t expect fast results by throwing out a few links in a wall post and waiting for the money to roll in.

Invest the time and effort to build a reputation. Think long term and make a commitment to daily activity. IBO Toolbox will work for you, if you work it.

To your success,


  1. Excellent & informative post about IBO Toolbox… Granted, there’s a lot to learn but if you commit to learning one thing a day, before you know it you’ll become an IBO expert… It’s also important to give back to the community by sharing your successes as you’re doing… Thank you for sharing… You;ve not only helped me, but others as well…

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