My First Week With IBO Toolbox

As part of a new marketing strategy for this new website, I decided to join a long-standing social network dedicated to independent business owners: IBO Toolbox.

Essentially, IBO Toolbox offers a community of business owners to share information, offer support, and network amongst each other. Additionally, IBO Toolbox provides important marketing tools such as a url shortener, sms lookup, and access to advertising credits for your opportunity and profile – all for FREE!

I do not use traditional social media such as Facebook or Twitter, so this was a huge leap for me. But a much needed one.

It’s all about building reputation

There is an option to upgrade, which costs $20 a month, and you will receive a ‘Contributor’ badge to show the other members that you support the community. You also get free advertising credits weekly to help drive traffic to your website.

But this is not about simply getting clicks to site, this is about building trust within the community.

You are far better off participating in the conversations by offering support and encouragement to others. Take your time and build up a reputation for providing quality information and assistance to the members.

Success will not happen overnight!

My best recommendation: don’t spam your links! Watch the training videos, use the tools, engage with the community, and connect with others. Make a goal to build a solid reputation over the course of several years, not days.

My first week

I remember seeing IBO Toolbox many years ago, so I was familiar with what to expect. As such, upgrading on the second day was an easy decision.

I took the time to setup my profile and my advertising, and watched all of the training videos so that I could get started fast.

Engaging with others was easy. People have been friendly and responsive, and I have already met other members who may prove to be very valuable connections down the road.

As a bonus, I was fortunate enough to also be chosen as a Feature Member of the Day, which resulted in massive traffic to my website and profile. Stay active and engaged and this may also happen to you in time.

Engagement is the key

Posting to your wall, writing press releases, and commenting on the posts of other members is the key to staying active…And it’s the key to keeping your name in front of an engaged audience. You also receive stars for your activity to show others that you are offering value.

The results of being active daily have so far produced some great results! Over 5000 views to my profile and over 5000 clicks to my opportunity. Most importantly, I have received over 100 direct clicks to my new website, which is amazing considering it’s just over a week old.

A supportive community

Overall, I highly recommend joining IBO Toolbox, even if you never upgrade. You may just make the right connections that propel your business to the next level, or you may even discover an new opportunity with some world class leaders.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Or send me a personal message.

To your success,


  1. Hi Michael I saw your article on IBOtoolbox by pure chance. IBOtoolbox is definitely worth joining whatever niche one is in. Over 90% of the traffic at IBOtoolbox is non member traffic so by joining IBOtoolbox you are actually exposing your business to the outside world. Like you, I have already been a Featured Member at IBOtoolbox (twice in my case). The last experience last week was astounding as I received a lot of traffic on two of my Press Releases. In fact one member actually shared my Press Release on Twitter. Now that is what we call the IBO spirit. Regular engagement within the community builds your brand and is worth it in the long run. As people start to trust you they will also trust what you say which could lead to sales.

    • Michael

      I completely agree, John. And like you said…it’s worth it in the long run if you stay active and take the time to build your brand.

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