My Secret Marketing Weapon…That Nobody Else Seems To Use

Top SecretThere are an enormous amount of online tools available to keep track of and monitor your business. From landing pages and autoresponders, to CRM applications and advanced contact managers.

Add in social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and you’ve got a complete suite of tools to manage your prospects and their progress.

However, there are two “revolutionary” tools that I use that far surpasses the effectiveness of those listed above.

Wait for it…

It’s called a pen and paper!

Now the secret is out…

The importance of taking notes

Beside me at all times on my desk is a pen and notepad. I keep track of everything that I do, say, and share. When speaking with my associates, I take notes of the important points of conversation such as goal setting, marketing plans, and the commitments I make to others.

When not at home, there is a small notebook in my pocket to jot down new article or marketing ideas, keywords that I want to expand upon, and the contact details for new people that I meet.

Why is this so valuable?

Simply put, the process of writing things down means that I won’t forget or lose track of any potential key business details or goals. No need to log in or power up any device. It can’t be hacked or lost within the online ether. No passwords to remember. And it’s with me at all times wherever I go.

There is also some very good scientific evidence to support this.

Further reading

Pand and PaperIn a 2014 Association For Psychological Science article (read here) the author summarizes research which shows that students perform far better in their studies when taking physical notes rather than simply typing or recording.

To quote: “…there is something about ink and paper that prompts students to go beyond merely hearing and recording new information — and instead to process and reframe information in their own words…

LifeHack also has a great article summarizing six important reasons how writing things down can change your life.

Why do so few do this?

That a question I’ve been asking for several years now. If writing things down using pen and paper contribute to better memory, a clearer mind, and a higher commitment to achieving your goals – why aren’t more people doing this?

Taking notes the old fashion way is something that I highly encourage everyone to do – whether you use it for business purposes, studies, or for something completely different.

It is certainly a lost art in this digital age. But it can also be your secret weapon in business and in life.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

To your health and success,

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