One ‘Radical’ Goal For Your MLM Business

Goal SettingThere is often alot of hype and blind enthusiasm when promoting an MLM business. We get swept up in the excitement of sponsoring 2 people, who sponsor 2 people, who sponsor 2 people…and onwards. Within six months we have over 10,000 people in our group!

It seems like an easy dream to sell. If only every other person you talked to had the same vision in the numbers. For most, it is far too out of reach within their mind. And after 30 days with no enrollments, this dream can shatter easily.

  • Is there a more realistic approach?
  • Could there be a more attainable, duplicatable goal?
  • And, is there a better vision that new people can relate to?

An old school approach to MLM

I would like to suggest a starter goal for any new person beginning (or rebooting) their MLM business. A goal which is often ignored, but emphasizes the fundamentals of direct sales. A goal which is easily accomplished with a focused, part-time effort.

Customer ServiceMake it a goal to aquire, and maintain, 8 to 10 retail customers with your first 6 months!

That’s right. Retail customers! Not too many MLM companies place a focus on retail customers anymore. It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s completely up to you, no matter what business you join.

Here are a few reasons why this goal is so important

  • It’s easy to accomplish this, even within your warm market. All you need is consistent effort over a consistent timeframe.
  • Because it’s easy to reach, the goal is also duplicatable. Most people of any business sense will realize aquiring customers is a fairly straightforward goal to reach with the right effort.
  • Focusing on the service of customers demonstrates your commitment to the product and the people. This builds trust within the people around you.
  • And because people trust you…they start to take notice. When others see you’ve accomplsihed your goals like you said you would…it’s alot easier to turn that No into a Yes!

Making a goal to aquire retail customers is something I’ve been encouraging my new associates to consider as part of their business plan with CTFO. The reception has been refreshingly positive. Those with the vision understand the importance of customers.

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