The Power Of Profit Sharing Positions!

CTFO MatrixThere are a lot of things that make CTFO totally different than any other network marketing company: low cost products, easy qualifications, dedicated owners that are network marketers first and foremost, and free marketing tools and websites.

But one of the most amazing things that separates us from the crowd is our one-of-a-kind Regenerating Matrix pay plan with copyrighted Profit Sharing Positions.

CTFO’s Copyrighted 3×21 Regenerating Matrix

CTFO Founder, Stuart Finger is a network marketer who started CTFO for other network marketers to succeed. His focus has never been on maximizing corporate profits, but rather on creating the most success for the most people (a long-term strategy).

After experiencing huge personal success in other companies where most people were failing, he felt like he was making money off of people instead of with them. He spent years researching hundreds of pay plans and attempting to find one that would benefit the average person while still offering unlimited income to the leaders.

He finally invented one himself that “fixes” the standard Forced Matrix so that it not only works for the average networker but now, for the first time ever, it can create more wealth for the “hitters” than ever before. Then he had it copyrighted so no other company can ever duplicate it.

What is the matrix?

The CTFO MatrixThis is not a unilevel, where you have to do all the work yourself. This is not a stair-step break-away where you have to keep starting over again and again as your team grows. This is not a binary where you have to balance your legs in order to receive pay. And this is not a standard forced matrix where the average person can receive “spill” but the go-getters who create the spill never participate because their income gets capped.

What this is…is a brand new concept in network marketing called the Regenerating Matrix.

The reason this is called a “Regenerating” Matrix is because of the Profit Sharing Positions that Stuart invented. Every time you sponsor a new person into CTFO (after your first three) you receive a new position in your matrix right above the new person that you just sponsored. And your new position, or Profit Sharing Position (PSP) is at the top of its own matrix, within your original matrix.

This means that everyone you sponsor is always on your first level for your new PSP, no matter what level they fall on in your original matrix.

It also means that you can never have your income capped because every new person you sponsor starts a whole new matrix for you. You actually get paid 2, 3, 4 times and more on the same sales as your PSPs continue to stack underneath each other.

And it’s all residual income! PSPs can actually multiply your Residual Team Pay!

Multiply your income

Multiply IncomeThe best part is that whatever your original position is qualified for; 7 levels, 14 levels, or even 21 levels, every one of your PSPs are also automatically qualified for the same amount of levels. You don’t pay for them.

You don’t have to buy any additional product for them. You don’t have to sponsor more people or qualify them in any way. Your PSPs are like income earning “clones” of your original position and they can make you very,very wealthy.

Each PSP is qualified for the same amount of levels as your original position – so if your original position is qualified for 7 levels, then your PSP is qualified for any orders placed within 7 levels from that position!

Since PSPs are FREE, the only question is, how many of them do you want?

How the matrix works for you

Because of Profit Sharing Positions and our 3×21 Regenerating Matrix, you can simply focus on “going wide” (personally sponsoring new people into CTFO), and let the plan take care of your “depth” for you.

Your PSPs, along with each new person you sponsor, are automatically placed in the most optimal position in your matrix, in order to maximize your earnings. They are always placed on your highest level with an open spot. This also helps your existing team members by always placing your new people on your “weakest” leg.

CTFO has created the computer programs that do all this for you, so you can spend your valuable time sharing CTFO with others and earning PSP after PSP as you do so.

Free CBD BusinessCTFO’s copyrighted Profit Sharing Positions and Regenerating Matrix are absolutely unique in the network marketing industry. Stuart Finger has fixed all the problems that have plagued this industry for decades.

  • No more over-priced products
  • No more high auto-ship and recruiting requirements
  • And no more pay plans that stack the odds against you.

With CTFO, you can finally create the life of your dreams that true walkaway residual income provides.

To become a CTFO associate, please visit this website.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

To your health and success,

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