The Results Of Being Featured Member Of The Day At IBOToolbox!

Gold BullionIt was just a little over over two months ago that I joined IBO Toolbox as an assist to help drive traffic to this very website. The community was warm, welcoming, and supportive. Most importantly, though, the members were knowledgeable – and willing to share that knowledge for free!

I thought I struck a goldmine!

Little did I know at the time, that I actually had…

Because of this, I stayed active and achieved five stars within a couple of days. Much to my surprise, by the end of the week, the IBO system chose me as the Featured Member Of The Day (FMOTD)!

What luck!

This certainly brought me alot of new connections and attention. The one downside…I was so new that I hardly any PR’s or posts for people to discover. In fact, I hadn’t even laid the groundwork yet for my primary business.

So I set a goal for next time…

…And my, how things have changed in just over two months!

  • 28 PR’s (mostly from my website, 5 authentic, not including this one)
  • 25 videos (not my own, just ones of interest to me and my business)
  • 100’s (if not thousands) of comments and wall posts

It’s been a busy few weeks!

Piggy Bank GoldThe results?

  • Thousands of visitors to my website.
  • Half a dozen blog post comments from kind IBO members.
  • And now I’m getting daily organic search traffic to my quirky little space here on the web!

But there has been one result that I wasn’t expecting this early on…not for at least several months:

I have been able to develop a small team of over a dozen people into my primary business directly thru the IBO platform! This does not include my warm market, website, or any other channel. These are the numbers from IBO only!

So, Yes! It works!

Now that a bit more groundwork has been laid, I was looking forward to see what would happen if I ever become FMOTD once more (again, sooner than expected).

IBO Toolbox AnimatedHere were the day’s results:

  • 27 unique visitors to my website (6 organic) – remember, it’s just a few months old.
  • 3 new blog comments!
  • A record number of comments on my PR’s (lost track)
  • Plus, 2 new sign-ups into my CTFO business!!!

Truly, this is the joy of being FMOTD at IBOToolbox!

With that being said, I want to thank all the amazing members over at IBO for all of their support and enouragement. I look forward to working with you for many years to come!

My sincerest gratitude,

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