Top 10 Most Important CTFO Online Documents

CTFO Full Spectrum CBD OilChanging The Future Outcome (CTFO) provides all it’s members with access to an ever growing library of online documents. They are free to share with business prospects and customers alike.

I have compiled a list of the current, most important files available. All documents are in PDF format. Simply click on the link to open in a new window and to download.

Hopefully, these resources will help answer some of your questions when considering CTFO as a customer or associate.

Top 10 Most Important CTFO Online Documents

1. Frequently Asked Questions
Some of the most common questions asked by associates.

2. Compensation Plan Chart
An at-a-glance single page chart explaining the CTFO compensation plan.

3. Compensation Plan Overview
A detailed, 11 page breakdown of the CTFO compensation plan.

4. CBD Product Labels
Full package labels for the complete CTFO CBD product line.

CTFO Product Line

5. How To Access Your Commissions
Where to go when it’s time to get paid!

6. Hot To Activate And Set Up Your GPG Account
Setting up your banking details and completing a transfer.

7. Commission Payment Schedule
When you get paid! Simple and to the point.

8. New Associate Instructions
Answers the question: What do I do next?

CTFO Store9. The Power Of Profit Sharing Positions
CTFO’s copyrighted Profit Sharing Positions and Regenerating Matrix are unique in the network marketing industry.

10. CTFO CBD Oil Instructions
Using the CBD oil tincture properly for effective dosing. (Larger file size…may take a minute.)

If you have any further questions or comments, please leave them below. Or reach out and send me a personal message.

All the best to your health and success!


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