Understanding The CTFO Compensation Plan

Nearly every network marketing company promotes their compensation plan as the best within the industry. Often calling it ‘revolutionary’ or ‘game changing’ in order to attract attention. Very few, however, ofer a plan for profit without having to build an organization in the thousands.

Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO) is looking to change the landscape.

A focus on customers first

It’s important to understand how CTFO classifies a customer before going any further.

Everytime you purchase a product, you do so as a customer. Since there is no obligation to buy anything in order to participate in the compensation plan, any purchases are done willingly and without pressure.

When you place on order, you do so as a customer of the person who enrolled you. When your new members place an order, they do so as your customer. You will earn a base commission of 20% on every personal sale.

It’s free to register as a customer or affiliate at any time and you will automatically receive a position within the CTFO compensation plan matrix.

The importance of retail

The above places a large emphasis on the retail of products to end consumers. After all, nobody makes any money until someone gets a customer.

This is either a frightening prospect, or a refreshing one, depending on your perspective. The word ‘sales’ often scares people away. It shouldn’t. Acquiring, and keeping, customers is the fastest way to upfront profitablity, and also the foundation on which you develop a long losting organization.

You will want to invest most of your time cultivating customer relationships.

Residual retail bonuses

In addition the the guaranteed 20% on every personal sale, you will also receive a 4% retail bonus on every customer sale thru four more levels of your organization. This provides quick, up-front, money for you and the people in your group.

The qualifications are easy to achieve and maintain. Set a goal to aquire 4 customers to ensure that you receive all of the commissions available to you. All bonuses dynamically compress to the next qualified affiliate and pay out weekly.

The Matrix

Many network marketing companies use a matrix style compensation plan to reward it’s affiliates. This setup can often generate enormous growth and excitement within an organization.

In this regard, CTFO is no different, using a 3 x 3 forced matrix that pays out on up to 21 levels.

However, there is one unique difference that no other network marketing compnay has: a regenerating matrix.

Essentially, what this means, is that after you fill your first 3 positions on your first level (or your upline does…there is spillover), you will start a new position within the matrix. There is no limit to the number of customers you can enroll, and no limit on the number of new matrix positions you can have.

For a complete breakdown of the CTFO compensation, please watch the full training video below.

The long term money

Briefly, as seen the last third of the video, profit sharing bonuses are paid out to the highest achievers and leaders within the company based on their organizational volume. This is most certainly a long term prospect, but one that has the potential to be the largest part of your CTFO income.

You should be thinking 2 or more years in the future before truly benefitting from these payouts.

In review

In the end, if you take the time to understand the CTFO compensation plan, you’ll most likely conclude that it is one of the easiest to follow and qualify for. We can take away a few simple points:

It’s free to join as a customer or associate. Everyone will be placed within the matrix.

The price is right. CTFO products are competitive and often below other retailers. This is an easy sell to anyone slightly familiar with CBD oil.

There are no personal purchase requirements to qualify for commissions (but you will have to work a bit harder to get them all).

Everyone benfits from the matrix. When your upline works, their customers spillover into your group. When you work, your customers spillover into your affiliate network. This creates momentum.

Take a free position now with CTFO and be part of the CBD Hemp oil revolution.

If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below. Or reach out and send me a message.

To your health and wealth,

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