What Is CTFO?

Changing The Future Outcome, better known as CTFO, is the latest CBD oil company on the block which utilizes the power of network marketing as it’s distribution model. This puts it in competition with big players such as Kannaway and Hempworx, but has several unique qualities which sets it apart from the pack.

Based in Vacaville, California, CTFO sells over 24 unique CBD based products for health and beauty, including a line of pet care products. Each product is lab tested for purity and quality, with the results published for easy reference on their website. CTFO also offers a full 60-day, empty-bottle, money back guarantee.

New but experienced

Officially launched in January of 2018, CTFO actually has it’s roots in within the weight loss industry. Originally called Chew The Fat Off, CTFO started selling nutritional shakes and chews in the fall of 2015 with great success. And they continue this within the current product line.

But with the veil being lifted from the stygma surrounding the use of medical cannabis, interest in it’s benefits are growing exponentially. One cannabis compound of particular interest is CBD (Cannabidiol). Whole new markets are being built, and the founders of CTFO seized upon the opportunity.

Who are the people behind CTFO?

CTFO was founded by Stuart Finger and is run by an executive team of five professionals including CEO and President Steven Finger, brother of Stuart. These people have a combined 100+ years of networking marketing experience, having built organizations with tens of thousands of affiliates and customers.

CTFO also has a Board of Directors which features experienced financial and scientific professionals.

The CTFO products

Beyond a doubt, it’s the selection of over 24 cbd products that gives CTFO a big edge within the industry. From the traditional CBD oil tinctures, to capsules, sprays, skin care, and pet products – there is something for eveyone to benefit from.

Remarkably, for a networking marketing company, the prices are quite competitive for CBD. The starting price for a one month supply of tincture is $49, and goes upto $99 for those at the highest strength.

Additionally, CTFO offers a full 60-day guarantee on all of it’s products. All of which are lab-tested and certified. There is no obligation to buy and never any upsells. CTFO places a large emphasis on aquiring, and keeping, customer base. And it shows. This is a refreshing change of pace from many network marketing companies.

There is also an optional autoship available which gives all customers a small 5% discount off the price. The options are flexible and ridiculously easy to edit.

The compensation plan

In my humble opinion, CTFO has one of the most unique and easy to understand compensation plans within the industry, with several unique attributes which many within the network marketing industry has been longing for:

  • There are no fees to join as a customer or affiliate, and no affiliate renewal fees.
  • There is no obligation or requirement to purchase product in order to participate in the compensation plan.
  • There are no increasing personal volume requirements with rank advancement, and the qualifications are realistic.

For a complete breakdown of the CTFO compensation, I highly recommend watching the video below.

My impressions so far

In such a short period of time, CTFO is already expanding quickling within an industry which is flat-out exploding in growth. It’s represents an enourmous opportunity for those who recognize the value early.

To become a CTFO customer, click here.

To become a CTFO affiliate, join me here.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

To your health and success,

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