Where Can I Buy CBD Oil In Canada?

Canada is set to become the first country in the world to legalize cannabis on a national scale. However, the proposed legislation doesn’t address medical use, edibles, or the extracts (such as CBD oil) which advocates have been calling for.

This can make it very confusing for consumers looking to access CBD oil for treating various health conditions. Is it legal? Where can I get it? Is it safe and effective? These are the most common questions people asked here in Canada.

Fortunately, there are several options. Some easier than others.


Depending on which province you live in, going to your local cannabis dispensary can be a convenient option. However, these stores are technically illegal and can be shut down at any time. British Columbia is far more open minded and allows these dispensaries to operate, but other provinces have zero tolerance.

The CBD oil products sold thru dispensaries can often be effective, but without any legal framework, product efficacy can range wildly, and lab certified testing is frequently disregarded. This is not an effective method for someone looking for proper dosing to treat health concerns.

Approved distributors

Since 2002, the Canadian government has allowed the sale of cannabis for medical purposes, but only thru approved, licensed manufacturers.

Patients are required to first obtain a prescription from their doctor, and then submit their personal details to the distributor. Every purchase will be tracked by the government. This can often take several weeks (or months) before you get approval, and the product is usually expensive and limited in selection.

Many cannabis patients also have concerns over privacy, considering your information is shared with the authorities. Most people just don’t want the governemnt tracking your personal health history.

Purchasing online

By far the most popular option to purchase CBD oil in Canada is by going the online route. You simply pay for your order with an interac e-transfer, and your order is discreetly shipped thru Canada Post. There are dozens of companies offering their products for sale online, but there is a down side…

Most of these companies are simply online storefronts for already established medical dispensaries. As such, this option is still technically illegal and face the same challenges as noted above.

Most importantly: the current above options cater almost exclusively to the recreational use of cannabis involving smoking and consuming edibles to get high.

So how does a Canadian safely get access to high quality, lab certified, CBD Oil for personal consumption?

First, I want to address the elephant in the room:

Is CBD Oil even legal?

In order to answer this we need to look at the difference between cannabis cbd oil and hemp cbd oil.

Simply put, cannabis CBD oil is extracted from the female strain of hemp which also contains THC (the part that gets you high). Cannabis is still technically illegal.

Hemp CBD oil is extracted from the male strain of the plant, which contains little to no THC. Industrial hemp is legal (with obvious restrictions) and is actually a triving business. In fact, hemp oil, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, has been widely consumed for decades.

CBD Oil extracted from hemp is available in both the US and Canada without issue. The secret is now out…

A recommendation

Finding a reliable supply, and a distributor you can trust, can still be challenging. But one company is setting itself apart from the rest. Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO) is a California based CBD oil company which offers over 24 unique CND based products which it sells thru a network of independent representatives.

This is a unique model because it builds on the trust of satisfied customers who recommend it to others. It also provides full nutritional labelling along with published lab results for all of it’s products. For more info, please read this previous article.

To purchase your CBD oil from CTFO, go here. It’s free to register, and if you have any questions, reach out and call me. My number will be located in your customer dashboard after signing up.

If you have any comments, please leave them below. Or send me a personal message.

To your health,

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