Why The 420? My Views On Cannabis

Before going any further, I should briefly explain the 420 behind SurfNinja along with my personal views on cannabis. More articles expanding on some of these thoughts will be published soon. Stay tuned…

It should be noted that I am a medical cannabis patient. I primarily use CBD oil and a formulation called Halley’s Comet to treat a lifelong anxiety disorder. It has effectively resulted in a much happier and productive life, without the need for any prescription medication.


CBD Oil is a non-psychoactive (won’t get you high) extract from cannabis and hemp plants. Primarily affects the physiology rather than the mind and is often used to treat epilepsy and muscle spasticity in MS patients. For anxiety sufferers, it helps calm the physical stress within the body.

Halley’s Comet is a mix of both the CBD and THC extracts found in Cannabis. THC is part that can get you high. However in this formulation, the dose is often low and balanced with an equivalent of CBD. With anxiety, this combination helps calm the mind. It is best used in the evening.

What about the weed?

Honestly, I’ve never been that big about smoking cannabis, although it can certainly be enjoyable. For me, it is like any other adult choice such as drinking or smoking. This only question is: How responsible are you with it?

In true libertarian style, I fully support the legalization of cannabis in all of its forms. A free enterprise model which takes the profit away from any criminals. It’s a matter of choice and liberty.

Surf Ninja 420?

The name is rather silly. I simply wanted to start a new website about bitcoin and cannabis, and how to profit from the emerging industries.

At the time, I happened to be watching an old 80’s martial arts film with ninjas in it while I was surfing the net.

Did a search on Namecheap. SurfNinja not available. Added 420 to the end. Got it.

Moving forward

Keep watching as this site progresses. I will be posting alot more about cannabis (and how to make money from it). Most of the writing will be about medical uses and benefits. Some of it political. Some of it personal. I look forward to sharing.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Or send me a personal message.


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