You Just Got Paid!

CTFO Getting PaidWednesdays are quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. 🙂

Like clockwork, between 12:00 and 12:05 pm, every Wednesday…I have gotten into the habit of receiving an email from CTFO Corporate notifying me that I’ve gotten paid!

Here’s the exact text:

Confirmation: You just got paid!

Dear Michael Gielfeldt,

Please be advised that you have been paid as follows:
Amount: $$$$$
Description: Commission period ending 2018-05-13

Please log into your Payee Dashboard and transfer your pay to your bank or card.


Previously, I have written about how remarkably easy the CTFO autoship program was to set-up and manage, detailed the steps required to make money both here and here, and also provided the documentation for setting up your banking details.

Now…Here’s how easy it is to get paid with Changing The Future Outcome:

  • The commission week ends every Sunday at midnight.
  • You receive your commission at 12pm on Wednesday of the same week – no delays!
  • Log into your Global Payments dashboard and click transfer to account.
  • Money arrives in your account within 2-3 business days.


Free CBD BusinessThe most remarkable thing for me is how quick and simple getting paid with CTFO is. There are no delays or waiting periods – you actually get paid fast!

The transfer usually arrives in my account my Monday, which is an amazing feeling to wake up to at the start of the week!


For more information on Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO) and their CBD product line, check out some of my previous articles.

If you have any questions or comments, pleave leave them below.

To your health and wealth,

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